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If you have suffered partial permanent impairment as the result of a work injury in Kansas, you are entitled to a lump-sum settlement from the workers' compensation insurance company. Many injured workers living with disability do not realize they have a right to this benefit.

To speak to a disability attorney in Kansas about permanent partial impairment, please contact the law firm of Spooner & Perkins, P.C. Our office is located in Kansas City, and our work injury lawyers represent clients throughout the metro area and in rural Kansas. Let us be your resource in your potential partial disability lawsuit.

What Is a Permanent Partial Impairment Rating?

A permanent partial impairment rating is used to determine how much permanent damage was caused to your body, due to your work injury.

How Is a Partial Permanent Impairment Rating Determined?

After you have reached what is referred to as maximum medical improvement, the workers' compensation doctor will perform various tests to assess what impairments are permanent in nature — in other words, which part of your body will not get better with additional treatment.

Afterward, the doctor will assign you a partial permanent impairment rating using the American Medical Association Guides. This rating will be used to determine how much compensation you are entitled to (i.e. a settlement) from the workers' compensation insurance company. The higher the impairment rating, the higher the settlement from the workers' compensation insurance company.

What if I Don't Agree With My Doctor's Assessment?

The physicians who are employed by workers' compensation insurance companies tend to produce ratings that favor the insurance companies. As a result, you should never accept a settlement offer without consulting an experienced workers' compensation lawyer.

You have the right to obtain your own permanent partial impairment rating through an independent medical examination. By doing so, you can level the playing field when it is time to discuss settlement of your case with the workers' compensation insurance company.

One of the ways our lawyers help is by assisting you in obtaining a permanent impairment rating, which in turn typically results in you obtaining a higher settlement than you would otherwise receive without legal representation.

Contact a Kansas City Lawyer: Workers' Compensation Impairment Ratings

To discuss your permanent partial impairment rating and other aspects of your work-related disability with an attorney, call 816-453-7764 or toll free at 800-603-4723. We are proud to offer resources for disabled workers in Kansas City and rural Kansas and Missouri.

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